Due to the recent events in China, The whole world is going through a pandemic. This world that we live in is very vulnerable. You can sit back and be scared or you can look at it through the eyes of an entrepreneur who capitalizes on the simple fact that this world is vulnerable.

The good news that I bring you is very simple to understand but maybe not so simple to capitalize on. People like you are the very few that can capitalize on this vulnerability that this world faces. You see its the very few people like you who choose the time to read instead of watching Netflix or on your phone on Instagram. The very fact that your eyes are on a Blog from a very profitable website makes you the few. As this blog is being written there are future millionaires planning and plotting their moves while others are shivering in fear. The intention of this blog is not to say that money is the end all be all, Not at all but It is to open your eyes to the power that money has during times as we live in today. Money is a tool, in the power of your hands is where it should be. Money should rather be in your hands than some greedy billionaire who wants everything for themselves. That is why you should be motivated to take action with this good news that I bring to you today.

The good news is very simple, Trust In your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ apply the Blood that he shed for your very name. No plague shall harm you when you apply the blood, Put the Lord first and apply these simple instructions on how to make money during times like these.

Before I give you the “how to make money” information I am going to give you the best information for life first. I promise you that it is very simple. Okay the advise that the Lord has for you is this; Put your Lord and Savior first in all your dealings, Deny yourself (deny your goals, Deny your ambitions, Deny them in the sense of the purpose your doing it for which is for you or your family, do everything for the Lord put him first.) Once you have done those simple instructions…Life will change for you.

Oh Hey, there brother! I can tell that from the last paragraph that your eyes look a lot better now. It seems that you’re ready to position yourself to acquire more tools to serve the Lord. Simply said you are more than ready to start printing money, This concept is easy and honestly, everyone should try to follow this concept but it’s only for the few chosen ones like you.

The whole concept is to basically be your own boss and basically print money. Because there are more important things to do than to be chasing paper and I’m not talking about toilet paper. The question is “Well how do I print money?” The idea behind printing money is to push a button and money just starts printing with very little effort on your part. That is the business model you should look for, I am not inviting you to be lazy or to think that making money is very easy and simple. I am showing you a concept of one of the income revenues that you should have in your Batman belt. You see to survive hard times, You will need to have multiple sources of income. Before we start adding incomes I think the most obvious thing to do in your own life right now is to shrink the amount of money you spend. The less money you have going out the easier it is to survive on a small income level. I am not telling you to live a sad life to have multiple incomes. I am just inviting you to sacrifice some of your nonessential expenses you may have for example; eating out, subscriptions to Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, Cable, recreational expenses, well I’m guessing that you get the point. Once you are in a place where you have the smallest expenses, you put yourself in a perfect position to take risks or in other words experience opportunity costs. The biggest risk you are taking in life is not taking any risk. If you are not failing or putting your dreams into the battlefield how will you ever win in life?

Enough chit chat. You need to start Affiliate Marketing. “Well, what is Affiliate Marketing?” I am glad I could read your mind. Affiliate Marketing is simple; let’s say I am selling a car and I’m not good at talking with people, So I call you up because your really good at talking to people and you have a lot of people that could potentially buy the car that I am selling. So you with your charm sell the car within a day. I am so happy because I couldn’t have sold that car without you so I give you a 5% commission for your “hard work” and you sold the car for $50,000.00. So 5% of that is $2,500 for just knowing who to sell it to. So you just made $2,500 without having a business or working 40hrs or any of that. That my friend is Affiliate Marketing. We are blessed to live in a world where we have access to thousands and millions of people through social media and the internet today. Imagine selling other people’s products and making money. That is one source of income-you can start with. I am going to give you a link to a person who is personally teaching people how to make thousands of dollars within the first weeks of implementing his teachings on Affiliate Marketing. He is a multi-millionaire through affiliate marketing. His name is Odi Productions and his teachings are no joke! You will have to invest in buying his course but knowing your motivation I know for a fact that you are willing to invest in yourself. It is cheaper than starting most businesses. So click right here for more information.

You are very welcome my friend, I hope to see you back here soon so we can chit chat some more and teach you more things. Maybe one day you can teach me a thing or two.

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